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Les Chaises Musicales festival was borned out of the meeting of the Quatuor Ébène and the people of Vicq-sur-Gartempe’s village.


In April 2003, few music lovers who also want to enhance the rich local heritage, decided to contact a very young quartet from the Conservatoire de Paris. It was the Quatuor Ébène who was at this time still studying there. Few days before to arrive in Vicq for their first concert, they won a first price at Bordeaux international competition for String Quartet.


And it was the love at first sight! Re-invited on the next years, an automatic trust relationship becomes established between the Quatuor and Vicq-sur-Gartempe’s people.

Few years later, an idea sprouts: creating a festival in this rural territory, “Les Chaises musicales”. The Quatuor Ébène will ensure the artistic direction.
Since 10 years, the festival has been renewed every summer with the same enthusiasm.​​


Frank BRALEY (piano), Guillaume CHILEMME (violon), Antoine LEDERLIN (violoncelliste du quatuor Belcea), Quatuor AGATE (quatuor à cordes), Dorsaf HAMDANI (chant), Daniel MILLE (accordéon), Lucien ZERRAD (oud, guitare)



Antoine TAMESTIT (alto), Nicolas ALTSTAEDT (violoncelle)



Nicolas ANGELICH (piano), Thomas ENHCO (piano), Trio METRAL (trio avec piano), Marion RALLINCOURT (flûte traversière)


Kevin SEDDIKI (guitar and zarb), Jean-Louis MATINIER (accordion), Chris STOUT (violin), Catriona McKAY (Celtic harp)

Sébastien SUREL (violin), Pierre GENISSON (clarinet), Vincent SEGAL (cello), Tomas GUBITSCH (guitar)

Marlon MARTINEZ (doublebass), Quintette Aquilon ( Marion RALINCOURT flute, Claire SIRJACOBS oboe, Stéphanie CORRE clarinet, Milena VIOTTI horn, Gaëlle HABERT bassoon)


Laurene DURANTEL (doublebass), Krzysztof CHORZELSKI (viola), Anaik MOREL (mezzo-soprano), Astrig SIRANOSSIAN (voice and cello),

Stacey KENT (voice), Jim TOMLINSON (saxophone), Richard HERY (drums), Shani DILUKA (piano), Marion TASSOU (soprano), Akiko YAMAMOTO (piano), Stéphane LOGEROT (doublebass)

 Ensemble Les Surprises (Anne PEKKALA baroque violin, Juliette GUIGNARD viola da gamba, Etienne GALLETIER theorbo, Louis-Noël de CAMBOULAS harpsichord), Haasna BENNANI (soprano), Alexis KOSSENKO (flute), Catriona MACKAY (harp), Chris STOUT (violin)


 Kevin Seddiki Trio (Kevin SEDDIKI guitar and zarb, Bijan CHEMIRANI percussion, Daniel DI BONVENTURA bandoneon), Maria SIMOGLOU (voice), Romain DESCHARMES (piano), Michel PORTAL (clarinet, saxophone), Vincent PEIRANI (accordion)



Karine DESHAYES (mezzo-soprano), Natalie DESSAY (soprano), Shani DILUKA (piano), Richard HERY (drums), Marion TASSOU (soprano), Trio Pedra Paper Tisora ( Sandrine MONLEZUN, Etienne GRUEL, Efren LOPEZ)


 Eric Chapelle Quartet (Eric CHAPELLE guitar, Richard HERY drums, Vincent LE QUANG saxophone, Dominique MOLLET doublebass), Ivan SOLANO (clarinet), Olavo VIANNA (voice and guitar), Akiko YAMAMOTO (piano), Jean-François ZYGEL (piano)


 Ensemble Contraste (Johan FARJOT piano, Arnaud THORETTE viola),  Yaron Herman Trio (Cédrik BEC drums Yaron HERMAN piano, Simon TAILLEUR doublebass), Michel PORTAL (clarinet)


Richard HERY (drums), Kevin SEDDIKI (guitar), Arnaud THORETTE (viola),


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